Diamond Blade

Diamond Blade There are a variety of materials that are best cut with a diamond blade. Try to cut glass, for instance, with anything less than a diamond blade, and you're going to get yourself into trouble. At Concrete Blade Warehouse, you will find a remarkable range of quality cutting blades, saw blades and core bits.

A diamond blade is simply defined as a saw blade for cutting abrasive and hard materials like asphalt, coal balls, ceramics, glass, bricks, concrete, and stone. It is distinctive for the diamonds that have been fixed on the base of the blade, which makes it cut more efficiently and precisely. There are many uses for a diamond blade; aside from construction, it can be used by the diamond and gem cutters as well as IT specialists for cutting semiconductors.

Diamond blades are classified according to their manufacturing method, use, and shape. In terms of how they are manufactured, they are either classified as sintered metal-bonded or vacuum brazed, with the former being the most common and distinctive for the diamond segments consisting of sintered power metal and synthetic diamonds, while the latter being made of synthetic diamond particles. Another type is the electroplated diamond blade, where the diamonds are electroplated on the base of the metal blade. They can be thin or thick to match type of cut you desire.

In terms of utility, they can be classified according to the material which they are used for: asphalt, general purpose, gem, masonry, asphalt, concrete, granite, and marble. On the other hand, when classified by shaped, diamond blades can be circular saw blades, band saw blades, and gang saw blades. Circular blades are very common while the diamond band is made of flexible closed steel with electroplated diamonds on the teeth of a single side. Diamond gang blades are long with welded diamond segments.

Whichever type of diamond blade you are looking for, you are likely to find it here in Concrete Blade Warehouse. We offer the best quality blades, industrial equipment, and core bits at very competitive prices. Concrete Blade Warehouse can ship your orders for free if your bill exceeds $499. We ensure that all business transactions are kept confidential, too, and that if you need to return an item, you can do so within 30 days of receipt and you get a refund with a 15% restocking fee. Chat with a representative in this website for questions or feel free to call us at (888) 854-0901 for more information.
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