Diamond Core Bits

Diamond Core Bits If you need to cut into concrete, asphalt, stone or masonry, you would be wise to do it with diamond core bits. Use anything less, and you're setting yourself up for a real bad time of it. We stock and sell a splendid selection of diamond core bits, masonry bits, bits for cutting brick and other hard things.

Diamond core bits are used for drilling hard surfaces like field stones, pavers, hard brick, concrete, and asphalt and they are laser-welded and integrated with superior-grade diamonds so they last long and cut more accurately. There are different kinds of diamond core bits for every drilling application:

•    Turbo core bit - This is a general-purpose diamond core bit
•    Dry core bit - Ideal for fast drilling, but not on hard surfaces
•    Segment core bit - Suitable for wet drilling but versatile enough for every application
•    Tile core bit - Good for fast-cutting on tiles and can be integrated into regular drills
•    Stone/tile core bit - For tile and stone

There are recommended drilling speeds for different types and sizes of diamond core bits. Most individuals use too many RPMs, too much water, and too much down pressure, and this is a common mistake in users of dry core bits. Giving your core bits enough time to cool is also ideal to prevent damage.

If you are looking for a good place to shop for core bits as well as information on how to use them, explore Concrete Blade Warehouse. This website carries a wide selection of industrial equipment along with core bits and diamond blades. Our excellent customer support includes an online chat interface in this website and a toll-free hotline, which you can contact at (888) 845-0901. Concrete Blade Warehouse offers free shipping on all orders exceeding $499. Start shopping for your type of diamond core bit or diamond blade today.
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